How Digital Marketing Has Over Come Traditional Marketing In Few Years?

How Digital Marketing Has Over Come Traditional Marketing In Few Years?

What are Traditional Marketing Techniques?

To fully appreciate the various benefits of digital marketing, we must know about the marketing scenario that existed before it came into the picture. At this time, marketing activities of companies fell into two broad categories. These were

Above the Line (ATL) Marketing that directs communication towards the mass market. Some tools used for such a marketing technique are television ads, print media, radio ads, etc.

Below the Line (BTL) Marketing that is more focused and uses targeted communication. Some tools used for such a marketing technique are outdoor advertisements, sponsorships, emailers and SMS, in-store promotions and visual merchandising, etc.

As you may have realized, such marketing techniques are extremely budget intensive, require a large amount of effort and workforce to implement. This makes them inaccessible for a number of small and medium business enterprises.

Another issue with most of the above techniques is that their results are almost impossible to measure quantitatively. How many impressions did the advertisement get? Of these, many people reacted positively to it? How many people did it motivate to make a purchase? It is difficult to get these answers for most ATL and BTL tools.

So, What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has taken the marketing world by storm. In a matter of a few years, it has changed how companies view the marketing technique, and for some companies, even overtaken traditional marketing techniques that were the norm for many decades. This shift may seem to be gathering momentum, and in a market such as India, the benefits of digital marketing are unparalleled. India’s market is unique in terms of demographics, cultural diversity, motivations and ambitions, etc, and this technique gives you the opportunity to target this diversity with ease. Digital marketing makes use of digital channels to deliver marketing communication. This can be done through a number of online channels such as:

  • Search Engines
  • Websites
  • Social Media
  • Email
  • Mobile Applications, etc.

With the rise of digital marketing, a new category of marketing emerged, which is called Through the Line (TTL) marketing, which makes use of ATL, BTL and Digital Marketing in sync with each other to develop a 360-degree marketing strategy.

Why You Need to Invest Your Money in Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing company in Bangalore offered a way for companies to market their product or service through online means. This came with a number of benefits, and led to the rise of many small, medium and local businesses in India.

To understand the benefits of digital marketing, we will consider the concept of return on investment. For any decision, a rational individual evaluates both the cost of that decision and benefit expected from that decision. Marketing is no different – before investing in any marketing tool, you would consider the amount to be invested and the benefit your business will get from using that tool. Digital marketing makes the process of evaluating return on investment easier and more efficient in a number of different ways.

Digital Marketing Services is accessible for all, budget no bar

A number of traditional marketing techniques as mentioned above are inaccessible to a majority of businesses. Accessibility to such methods depends on the scale of your business, and it is often easy to get lost in the clutter while using these traditional marketing techniques.

With digital marketing, budget is not a constraint. Specialized digital marketing companies in bangalore is helpful. A smartly allocated budget lets you communicate your brand to a customer on your terms, and puts you on par with any other player in your industry.

A creative and well-developed marketing strategy that is correctly executed can put any brand in the spotlight.

The World Is Going Digital, You Should Too.

As more and more people end up on the internet, digital marketing appears to be the ideal way to communicate with a large customer base. People are now using the internet for a number of different tasks: to gather information, get opinions, make purchases and even offer our own insights. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to anticipate this search and offer your product or service as a solution.

For example, there has been a sharp rise in the number of ‘near me’ searches made on Google. People want to discover and purchase from the best of businesses near them.

Influencer marketing has opened another benefit of digital marketing which provides customers with all the relevant information about a product, as well as with opinions from people that they consider relatable and trustworthy. This gives a company the opportunity to create positive word of mouth about their product even before its release.

Another aspect of this is the rising importance of positive customer experience. In a competitive world as of today’s, businesses that are focused on customer engagement and experience have an edge. Digital marketing gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers, learn of their concerns and even solve queries, to develop a more positive customer sentiment for your brand.

Get Measurable Results For Your Business Through Digital Marketing

A major problem with traditional marketing techniques is that it is either impossible or extremely difficult to measure their results. A customer’s various reactions are difficult to track and measure for such tools.

For example, with a newspaper advertisement, it is difficult for you to know how many people noticed the ad. How many people noticed it and did not read more, while how many were interested? How many people who saw your advertisement actually visited your store, or made a purchase on your website? These questions might go unanswered, and you may continue investing your money in a marketing tool that is inefficient.

With digital marketing services and tools, you can track the performance of every advertising campaign you do, track the complete trail of customer attitudes to your advertisement, from attention to interest and finally purchase. In addition to this, you may also be able to study post-purchase behaviors such as repurchase, review, etc.

Targeting ROI? Digital Marketing Beats Traditional Marketing In Both Efficiency And Flexibility

Given the fact that you can view in real-time, the performance of your campaigns, you can also make changes to the campaign, including the ad copy, target audience, budget, etc. in real-time.

This is not possible for traditional marketing campaigns as the impact of the campaign is hard to analyze and even when it is obtained, the total impact of a campaign may take weeks or months to show effect.

Due to this, a digital marketing campaign may have much higher efficiency than a traditional marketing campaign.

Given the above factors, one can understand the reason for the popularity of digital marketing companies in bangalore and agencies. This shift is observed all across the world. As observed in the Indian market, the budgetary allocation for digital marketing has increased from 10% in 2013 to almost 25% in 2019, over the span of just above 5 years. It is evident that the world believes that digital marketing is the technique for the future. And whatever be your marketing objectives or the stage that your brand is in, digital marketing agency  will prove to be life changing.

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