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ORM Services in Bangalore

There has been an exponential increase in the number of businesses creating a presence online in recent years. While being online can increase the visibility of a business, it also exposes a business to the danger of getting negative comments. The reputation of a brand is very important and managing it is even more important. Today, anyone can leave a negative comment about your business which can significantly influence the perception of people about your brand. Online reputation management is all about controlling what shows up when someone searches for your company or brand online. We have ORM experts who make use of strategies that can suppress the damage of negative online content before it causes irreparable damage to your brand. ORM is not only about dealing with negative feedback but also putting the word out about how great your business is. We identify opportunities to get feedback from customers and promote positive reviews to push your branding further.

Digital Traffic 360 is a leading online reputation management company that can help you in this regard. False allegations, bad customer reviews, hate blogs all can show your business in a negative light and can influence your customers. A good reputation takes years to build but a short time to destroy. We are committed to ensuring we treat your ORM campaign with utmost secrecy. Still, having doubts about whether you need online reputation management services? Contact us today to know how we can help you.

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What Do We Offer In ORM Servcies?

Build & Manage Reputation

Our services help to create and manage the online reputation of brands and businesses though use of various up-to-date strategies.

Remove Negative Comment

Negative comments can be damaging, and we try to suppress and remove negative comments as far as possible for your business.

Online Reputation Monitoring

We actively monitor the online reputation of your business across various digital channels to identify any negative content.

Develop Positive Reputation

We devise strategies through which businesses can get positive reviews & we promote the positive aspects of your business

Recover Online Reputation

Negative comments can adversely affect the reputation of a business, and we develop strategies to recover online reputation like Influencer marketing in your niche, social media posting, etc., to get positive feedback. This will help balance out the effects of negative comments
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How ORM Services Can Help Your Business?

  • Identify Genuine Issues & Communicate With Business To Deal With Customer Issues
  • Monitor Online Talk About a Business
  • Identify Negative Comments and Reviews
  • Proactively improve the brand of a business.
  • Deal with negative comments in an effective way.
  • Build Social Proof To Help Businesses Get More Leads & Conversions

Best Outcome Of Our ORM Services in Bangalore

ORM or Online Reputation Management services help a business to take care of all its online platforms or visibility. ORM activity that helps to

  • manage your reputation 
  • build trust in your audience
  • get qualified leads
  • get better reviews for business

Online Reputation Management takes time to show its results. But given the right efforts, it’s the most efficient way to create a huge impact on your audience and retain the most of the customers.

Open a Channel To proactively Solve
Customer’s Genuine Complaints
Put a Process In Place To Monitor Online Buzz About a Brand
Fixing Reputation Before It
Damages The Brand
Increase in trust and
Good Brand
Increase in loyalty
of customers

Why Partner With Digital Traffic 360 For Your ORM Needs?

Digital Traffic 360 is a reputed ORM service agency. We understand how important the reputation of a business is for its profitability. Our team of professionals can locate online content in the form of customer reviews testimonials, blog posts, etc., that are showing a business in a negative angle. We take a proactive approach at dealing with these issues and keeping the reputation of a business intact.
Sometimes it is not possible to remove negative comments and one way to deal with it is to increase the number of positive reviews for a business. We identify the ways and means a business can do this. In cases where false allegations can be proven, we also advise businesses to take legal action against such sources.

Frequently Asked Questions - ORM Services

Brands are known for their reputation. Online Reputation Management or ORM is the most valid action that you can take to protect your brand. ORM is important for branding as it helps to add sincerity in brand communication. ORM helps your brand more attractive and authentic for customers.

ORM is an important part of digital marketing. ORM can add immense value to the marketing strategy devised for your business. Leveraging the potential of ORM in digital marketing can help spin the growth wheel of your business forward. Online Reputation Management can impact in your business with increased reputation, sales and revenue.

To improve the reputation of your business we do use different ORM techniques. We emphasize on business directories, social media, online forums, popular review portals. And thereby, demolishing the bad reviews and getting better reviews of your business is what we focus on. 

Digital Traffic 360 has a dedicated team who are experts having experience in this domain. Our team takes care of all your ORM needs as we have different paid ORM tools. We also provide timely reports as you can see how the company’s ORM is improving.

ORM is a consistent process. One cannot say that the company’s reputation can be improved within 7 days or 15 days. We take the required time for every business and depending on their online availability or presence. For some companies bad reviews can be overcome very quickly while for other it takes time. We promise to do things the fastest possible.

Yes. As one of the best digital marketing service providers in Bangalore, we do have our own portfolio and case studies.

ORM services are all about managing your online reputation in different platforms. It can be social media, online forums, different business directories, Google my business reviews, review portals etc. It helps the company get benefited in the long run as customers believes on businesses that has better reputation in the market. 

For some platforms it’s possible and for some platforms it’s not. We make sure to manage reviews in a way the specific platform prefers and it matches the policy of the website. 

It depends on the online presence of your organization. For most of the companies we set a target of the minimum days, and start accomplishing each online platforms. After every accomplishment we prefer sending a report to the client for records keeping. 

A good ORM or Online Reputation management impacts on the business on perspective of these 7 aspects – 

  • Customer base
  • Customer satisfaction rate
  • Customer retention rate
  • Return on Investment
  • Profit Margin
  • Increase in sales
  • Revenue