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Book My Scans

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Bookmyscans is a leading healthcare solution provider operating in major cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi and so on. Bookmyscans has partnered with some of the best diagnostic services in the country to develop a network of labs and home sample collection facilities.

Digital Traffic 360 has provided web development services to Bookmyscans. The website was developed and optimized to be responsive and meet industry-accepted website standards. Keyword research was done and content optimized for relevant keywords. This increased the branding and visibility on search engines and also brought more website visitors. The business website was able to achieve higher ranking on search engine page organically.

Paid advertising via Google Ads campaigns was also used to meet various business outcomes. Branding, traffic to website, leads, conversions, were some of the goals that were targeted. Our team created campaigns that targeted the relevant audience and keywords and brought in leads at a low cost. The ROI on our campaigns were high for Bookmyscans. We documented all our results and effectively communicated to the client the campaign progress.

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