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Digital Academy 360 is a leading provider of digital marketing education to students, working professionals, and business owners. It has been providing quality education in all major modules of digital marketing like SEO, PPC, SMM, Email marketing, Affiliate marketing, and so on. It is a multi-location organization offering services in Bangalore and other places like Chennai and Pune.

Digital Traffic 360 has designed the website and taken care of all technical and functional aspects. All attempts were made to ensure that it meets the latest and up-to-date industry standards. Keyword research was undertaken to identify the target keywords, and they were strategically included in all the pages. Content optimization was done to include all relevant keywords. This brought more traffic to the website and also improved brand visibility and ranking.

Search engine optimization services were also provided. We took care of all the on-site optimization like including metatags, generation of sitemaps, optimizing the website loading speed, etc. Competitor analysis was also done to identify undiscovered keywords. Links were generated to various reputable websites to improve ranking and relevance. Integrated SEO strategy was developed and effectively implemented to help easy access, indexing, and ranking of the website. Website ranking got enhanced, the quality and quantity of visitors to website improved leading to more leads and conversions. Local SEO strategies like optimizing GMB was also done.

Social media profile creation and optimization was also done. Facebook and LinkedIn were the platforms majorly targeted. All SMO strategies were undertaken to increase likes and get followers organically. Efforts were taken to increase brand awareness and engagement on social media sites. Paid ads were also run on sites like Facebook regularly for goals like brand awareness, likes, traffic, leads, conversions, etc., which gave very good and sustained results. Our social media specialists were able to create attractive and engaging ad campaigns which got us leads at a low cost and improved ROI.

We also employed Google Ads for Digital Academy 360 for brand awareness and to get leads for the courses. Our team developed conversion-optimized creative campaigns. Our agency employed all important strategies like identifying appropriate keywords, developing effective ad copies, deciding appropriate bidding strategies, targeting options, A/B testing, etc., to get the maximum returns for the ad spend. Brand awareness, website ranking, website visitors, leads, and conversions all improved. Effective and timely progress reports were sent to Digital Academy 360.

Lastly, regular Online Reputation Management was done and we were able to identify and address any issues immediately leading to a good presence online.

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