Eco 365

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ECO365 is a company that was started in 2010. It is working towards providing environmental solutionsthat would result in conservation of water and energy. The company is focused to protect the environment, reduce wastage, and improve the health of consumers. Green solutions is the need of the hour, and ECO365 works towards this.

Digital Traffic 360 was approached to revamp ECO365’s business website. We analysed and identified areas of improvement in website design and functionality. Our web designing team worked to improve the technical, aesthetic, and functional aspects of the website. Keyword research was undertaken to find the appropriate keywords. These were included in all the pages of the website and other important places for SEO. This brought improved website ranking and drove traffic to the website and improved conversions.

SEO services were also provided to optimize the website with both on-page and off-page SEO techniques. Various elements were rectified related to the website and optimized. Backlinks were created to establish ECO365’s authority in the market. This resulted in improved ranking on search engine result page and increased website traffic. Branding also improved.


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