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Vygnik is an organisation that offers behavioural analysis and creative strategies across different domains. They use neuroscience to decipher the psychology and behaviour involved in decisions made by people. Deducing thought processes of consumers, customers, employees across various organisations is what they do best.

Digital Traffic 360 provided website design services to Vygnik. We understood what their requirement was and developed an appropriate website architecture. All aspects of aesthetics, functionality, and technicality were taken care of. Important niche keywords were included at appropriate places and optimized in the website. This drove traffic to the website, and the ranking also moved up on search engines.

We optimized the website for SEO. All key factors of on-page SEO were implemented on the website. Technical aspects were optimized. Later backlinks were created to improve the ranking of website. The outcome was improvement of the ranking on search engine page, increased brand visibility, and good quality leads and conversions.

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