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Digital Traffic 360 is a Google Partner Agency that can help you leverage Google’s online advertising platform for your business. Digital marketing activities like SEO take a long time to deliver results. If you are looking to accelerate your leads or conversions, Google Ads is the platform you should be using. Google’s ad network of Google platforms like YouTube, Gmail and millions of partner websites can give your service offerings, product listings, video content, and mobile app promotions to web users high visibility.

Google Ads can be used by almost any type of business and spending money and effort running Google Ads is a worthwhile investment. We can develop effective paid campaigns for your business that are conversion oriented (sales, leads, sign ups, etc.). Using highly focused keywords, Google Ads can get you qualified customers to your site who are already searching for what you offer ultimately leading to higher conversion. Our team of experts in Google Ads will not only develop the right campaign but also regularly monitor, analyze, and optimize the campaigns to give you the best possible results in the most cost-effective manner.

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What Do We Offer In Our PPC Services?

Search Ads

Allows advertisers to directly display your paid ads among the search results on SERP.

Display Ads

Reach people outside of Search Engine results using text, image & video ads

Shopping Ads

Ads that include product information like image, price & vendor’s name.

Mobile Marketing

Type of advertising that appears on mobile devices such as smartphones & tablets.

Video Marketing

Lets you advertise on YouTube which is a platform owned by Google.

Smart Campaigns

Drive conversions for their business without requiring any set targeting.

App Promotion

Allows you to promote your IOS or Android app on Google Search, YouTube, Google Play.


Great way to re-engage visitors who click on your ads but didn’t take the action.
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Why Choose Digital Traffic 360 As Your Google Adwords Agency?

  • We Create Effective and creative ads
  • We work on targets and deadlines
  • We provide 24/ 7 Support to our clients
  • Real-time monitoring of campaigns
  • Agility in optimizing campaigns
  • Effective communication with clients
  • Experience in running campaigns in different industry verticals

Outcome of Our Best PPC Services

Google Ads interface provides businesses with a plethora of advertising tools to experiment with. You get access to Google’s wide network of millions of websites to advertise on with Google Ads
When you partner with us to run your Google Ads campaigns, some of the outcomes you can expect are:
Increase In Brand Visibility And Awareness
Increase Traffic & Generate
Quality Lead Generation
From Day 1
Improve Your Sales Services & ROI.
Conversions from
Re marketing
Data To Create Effective Future Paid Campaigns

How PPC Management Company Can Help You?

Google Ads offer some major advantages like:

  • Stay on top of your competitors on Google SERP.
  • Start getting leads and conversions from day one.
  • Advertise on Google’s wide network of Google platforms and partner websites.
  • Engaging ad formats to attract customers.


  • Increase In Your Brand Visibility
  • Get Ranked On 1st Page Of Google
  • Quality Lead Generation
  • Improve Conversions
  • Extensive Monthly Reporting

Why Digital Traffic 360 For Your PPC Management Services?

Running a successful Google Ads campaign is no child’s play. You need a team with experience, creativity and the agility to monitor and optimize your paid campaigns for you. Digital 360 Traffic has the required top-notch Google Ads professionals who can see that you get the best returns on your advertisement spend. We put our customers ahead of everything and try to provide the best possible value. Whatever you advertising goal, brand awareness, lead generation or conversions, we have your back.


Each business is different and campaigns have to be optimized accordingly. Analysis is a very important part of Google Ads. Our Google Ads specialists are experts in reading data and taking timely data-driven decisions. Digital Traffic 360 focuses on creating ad campaigns which will not only be shown on top of search results but also get maximum impressions and clicks.

Frequently Asked Question

Google Ads is the online advertising platform for your business. Google Ads are developed by Google. Anyone wants to use Google ads as a advertisers, they are supposed to pay to display advertisements.  Under Google Ads, an advertiser can do service offerings, product listings, video content, and generate mobile application installs within the Google ad network to web users.

Anyone who wants to invest for his/her business can use Google Ads to promote or advertise the business.

Search Engine Marketing helps business to generate direct leads with in a very small period of time. Also it helps to bring more awareness about the business in the search engine.

Yes, Google Ads is one of the most effective platform for all businesses.

To select the right agency, you can check the portfolio of the agency, if they have worked with other clients prior. You can also see how much they are charging for their service and also on leads basis. On the basis of the right portfolio who have made successful business with Google Ads service, you can reward your projects to that agency.

PPC or Pay Per Click advertising management involves setting up, monitoring, and optimizing paid media campaigns. To maximize your results and getting the right number of leads and growing your revenue you need good agencies to work with. Agency people are professionals in this niche and they know how to help you growing your business on digital marketing.

Agencies are beneficial because the ROI or return on investment is higher when you go with agencies. And you do not loss your money.

The Google ads agencies are expert to manage your account, and they can provide you a better strategy to run Google Ads as well as a good ROI. 

Yes, you can start Google Ads for your start-up depending on the niche that the start-up is based on.

Yes. You get all the reports from our end.  

Yes. Google Ads helps you growing your business, hence spending money on Google Ads will help you get better ROI.

One of the biggest differences between Google and Facebook Ads is search intent. Google ads is majorly into pull marketing and the maximum impact of Facebook marketing can be counted under creating awareness.

It depends upon your monthly budget, the target number audience you want to market as well as how much leads you want to generate as well as what’s your niche of business.

PPC is important to derive the metrics of online advertising and working upon getting better ROI.

There are different ad campaigns in Google Ads. The ad campaigns are Search Network, Display Network, Video (YouTube), Shopping, and Universal Apps.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click and CPC or Cost-Per-Click advertising is based on the price the advertiser pays for each click in.